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The Boutique Charleston
The Boutique Charleston
The Boutique is a Charleston shopping institution which has been serving locals and visitors for almost 70 years. We love to help make your house a home, and provide beautiful gifts for you and your loved ones. More »
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Our Story

We specialize in customized bedding and bath items from Matouk. Brides love to register with us for trousseau, china, bedding and table linens. We also work on custom orders in stationery, with Crane and Arzberger.

In our beautiful shop, you will find items from Herend, Anna Weatherly, Royal Crown Derby, Richard Ginori, Raynaud, Moser, Waterford and Varga, as well as more casual wares from Juliska, Vietri, and Skyros.  Included in our linen lines are Matouk, Sferra and Pomegrante. We hope you will include us in your bridal or travel plans, or that you will just stop in and visit as so many of our friends (2 and 4 legged) do daily.